The scene you choose will determine your ideal New Year's Eve plan of action.

What Is Your Ideal New Year's Eve According To Your Color Choice

  1. You got: Netflix & Chill
    Your selections indicate a low-key attitude. Although you appreciate the general revelry of the season, you're perfectly content to kick it on the couch with your sweetie, stoking the wi-fires, and popping some corn, before flipping on the live feed from NYC as the ball drops.
  2. You got: Apocalypse & Chill
    According to your choices, you have an overly cautious nature. Rather than merely celebrating the New Year, you're more inclined to spend your downtime thinking about the future and preparing for things to come.
  3. You got: In Da Club
    New Year's Eve is a time for celebrating in a BIG way, at least that's what your selections tell us. No sidelines-watching for you. It's time to hit the clubs and dance in the coming year with a few friends and hundreds of random strangers.
  4. You got: Times Square Shindig
    Your personal picks are telling us that you're not willing to settle for watching the NYE spectacle on the TV or hitting the clubs. Only the real deal will do for you. You should be in NYC as the ball drops on another year of possibilities great and small.
  5. You got: A Family Gathering
    Sure, the glitz and glamor of New Year's Eve is worth revelry, bur you're more inclined to keep the home fires burning than hit the bars or head into the fracas. After all, the holidays are all about family, which is exactly who you want to celebrate with.


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