Are you an endearing Eeyore, a baffling Bella Swan or an infuriating Holden Caulfield?

Which Literary Character Is Your Angsty Twin?

  1. You got: Hamlet
    Okay, we'll admit, something probably spawned your angst once upon a time, but maybe you are holding onto it a tad too long, hmm? Just please make better decisions than Hamlet did and insure that your angst-filled days don't result in as many (okay, or any) deaths. Trust us, it's for the best.
  2. You got: Holden Caulfield
    Wait, wait, wait? Are you the king of angst? The Catcher in the Rye protagonist's name is basically synonymous with being angsty. He created the stereotype for the "bad boy with a chip on his shoulder" kind of guy, but gender has nothing to do with it. This kind of angst will only hurt yourself, bud. Chin up.
  3. You got: Nick Carraway
    Not even a room full of beautiful men and women can cheer you up, huh? Throughout The Great Gatsby, you can't help but wonder just what is wrong with Nick. No one is truly forcing him to do what he just remember, odds are, you have the ability to change whatever is making you angsty.
  4. You got: Bilbo Baggins
    You are angsty at the thought of something major happening, but said major thing will actually help you a great deal. Hey, it may even cure your angst. No promises, but sometimes just finding your worth can be enough to help you out. It worked in The Hobbit.
  5. You got: Bella Swan
    Well. This is a different kind of angst. This kind of angst is usually brought on by issues in social or romantic aspects of life. The Twilight series is pretty much centered on Bella's angst when dealing with her ancient vampire boyfriend...hopefully yours is a bit easier to deal with than that.
  6. You got: Eeyore
    Awwww, you're so cute when you're angsty! Sure, this angst may bring you down a little bit, but just like the Winnie-the-Pooh character, it also makes you kinda adorable. People will try their hardest to make it better, but don't be surprised if that makes you just a little more blue. It'll all be okay, friend.
  7. You got: Harry Potter
    Oh hello there, King/Queen of Teenage Angst! Even when some bigger things are going on in life, you may find time to be angsty about some of the smaller things, like tiny arguments with friends or project due dates or, you know, just the frustration with the general public. Harry Potter understands. Just read the fifth book.
  8. You got: Yossarian
    Oh no. This is some Catch-22 level angst. We're gonna be honest, we don't even know what you're angsty about. Are you even angsty? WAIT. Are you angsty ABOUT having some angst in your life? Woah. Angst-ception. Sorting out your story may help you figure out your angst level. Start there.


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